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About US

RiskFit is a passion driven personal training business that has been developed over many years of elite sports training. We specialize in short and effective training. Teaching you how to minimize the time in the gym while maximizing your results!


Our Classes

1:1 Training
30 min.

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1:1 Training
60 min.



Phylicia Barr

"I’ve been working out with Cordale for a little over 2 months and I’m definitely seeing results! His work outs are quick and effective"

Phil Cervi

"I have been working with Cordale for a few months now and really notice the difference. It's amazing how much of a workout you can get in 30 minutes. He has tremendous knowledge and can help with both workout plans and which supplements will help you reach your goals."

Alice Martin Gilliland

"I’ve worked with Cordale for almost 2 years. I lost over 150 lbs and Cordale was the encouraging me every step of the way. I also have MS. He worked with me always pushing but also modifying the work outs to meet me where I was athletically. I can’t imagine any one I would rather continue on my journey I highly recommend Cordale"

Angel Michelle

Cordale is an amazing trainer. I’ve been with him for a few months now. He’s great at catering workouts for your individual needs. I’m a nurse, so he started by helping me build core strength so that I wouldn’t get injured easily at work. One day, I walked in crying because I’d had a family member call me on the way to the gym to tell me they had been diagnosed with cancer. Cordale put me in boxing gloves for the first time in my life and helped me literally punch out all the frustrations I was feeling at the time. He pushes me and encourages me. He gets even more excited than me at the results we’ve noticed in just a few months. I’m so glad I made the decision to train with him!

Cory Maddox

Cordale is an awesome trainer. He can help you reach whatever goal you are wanting to achieve. I started with Cordale back in 2018 and he helped me gain over 20lbs in lean muscle. I had to stop training due to relocation, but I recently started back with him a second time and we picked up right where we left off. He has helped me with great workouts as well as diet recommendations to help me reach my weight goal. He can be flexible with scheduling which is nice, but he will also hold you accountable to make sure you’re getting the most out of the workouts. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the area. #TakeTheRisk

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+1 (919) 943-6301

2420 Crabtree Blvd. Raleigh, North Carolina

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